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I.G.P. Veneto



Tasting Notes

This fruity, sweet wine reveals the characteristics of delicate flowers and rich honey, balanced by a moderate level of acidity. Intense scent of vanilla and violets. Golden color, brilliant yellow.


Finished Wine

Varietal content: 85% Verduzzo Friulano and other white indigenous grapes

Region: Veneto

Appellation: I.G.P.

Alcohol level: Alcohol 14% by vol Total acidity 5,60 g/l, pH3,54, total abstract 24,00 g/l


Food Pairings

Ideal with pastries, all types of desserts, almonds.


Serving Method

Serve at a chilled temperature between 50 F° – 53 F° in a dessert or fortified wine glass.


Harvest and Vinification Notes

The process requires the withering of the plant. In mid-September the vine stock that carries the grapes is partially cut in order to interrupt the passage of the lymph, which brings nutrition to the grapes. By doing this the plant withers and consequently the concentration of the sugars remains in the grape. The harvest occurs late, generally around the end of October.

The grapes, which are hand-picked, go through a maceration process of 6 hours at the temperature of 41 F° in order to extract the colors and scents. The grapes then pass through a crushing process. Once the alcohol content reaches 13 degrees the must is left at 41 F° in order to stop the fermentation process, so the wine remains sweet. The wine rests in cherry barriques for about 8-10 months before being bottled.


Pointing Rate:

92 Wine Enthusiast


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