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D.O.C. Veneto




Tasting Notes

Our Merlot is full-bodied, warm, slightly tannic with a very smooth aftertaste. It has a highly intense bouquet with notes of blackberry and other wild berries.


Varietal content: 100% Merlot

Appellation: D.O.C. Veneto

Alcohol level: 13% by volume


Food Pairings

Ideal with strong-flavored pasta and rice dishes, charcuterie, and all kinds of meat dishes.


Serving Method

Serve at a temperature of 64 °F - 68 °F in a large, long-stemmed wine glass.


Harvest and Vinification Notes

The Merlot grapes are hand-picked during the first ten days of October. First they are pressed, then they undergo a crushing process for 7 days in order to extract the color, aromas, and noble tannins. Fining takes place partly in steel and partly in oak barrels to give the wine a soft yet elegant hint of vanilla.


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